In a nut shell … A Life Coach offers you help to discover what is really important to you in your life, help you design a plan to achieve those things, work to eliminate any obstacles that blocks your process. Then we will celebrate with you when the finish line is crossed.

A Life Coach is like ….

Getting pulled out of the mud: when you’re stuck: A coach helps someone stuck in the mud whose wheels are spinning. The client knows how to drive car and knows where he wants to steer – he/she just doesn’t know how to gain traction to get out of the mud. In a sense, a good coach is able to hook on a wench to the front of the vehicle and give it just a little pull to get it out of the mud and get moving.

Eating a steak: when you’re overwhelmed by the complexity of an issue: A coach helps a client who has a giant steak on a plate in front of him/her. The coach hands a fork and knife to the client and teaches him/her how use the utensils correctly, cutting up the steak in bite-size portions to be digested.

Getting a first down: when you need to make little steps of progress in the midst of a big goal: A coach helps devise a plan so that the football team can move the ball up the field for a touchdown. The goal is not to throw a Hail Mary pass or feel the need to score a touchdown on every play. The coach patiently helps the client to simply move the chains to get a first down. The coach helps create a series of plays that, when run well, helps to gain a first down. Enough first downs over time, the ball will eventually cross the goal line.

Rock climbing: when you need another perspective to help move toward the task: A coach acts as a spotter for a rock climber, belaying the client as he/she climbs up the rock face. The client has a goal to reach the top of the rock face step by step over time. What is needed is manageable and achievable goals along the way to “clip in” in an effort to gain confidence and safety in the journey. The coach also provides encouragement and some guidance from the bottom, seeing things that the climber is incapable of seeing from his/her vantage point.


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